Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This happened yesterday, I was studing at Tamwood`s tutrial class and the teacher, a very nice older woman that I belive is called Anne, was helping me with grammar structure. While she was helping me out with adjectives and she asked me to complete the clause.
She said - I am ....
And I don`t know why the hell did I said - FAT
She is a very nice woman in her late 50`s, I suppose, with a very classy manner and style, very polite and with a totaly normal body for her age.
I was red!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Geting to vancouver

I arrived Vancouver after a trip in the USA. My plan was taking a train from Sand Point ID to Seattle WA and then a bus to Vancouver BC.
I boarded the train around 2:30 am in Sand Point, and I was hungry already ( I am always hungry!) It was a 10h train ride... So I asked the Amtrack staff if they were serving dinner still, but I had no luck. He told me that breakfast would be served at 5:30 am, So I had to wait about 3 hours....
After a wile a forgot about my hunger and felt a sleep... I woke up at 8:30 in the morning after a deep rock like sleep... And I was very excited about breakfest, when i got at the dinning area, the server told me they had just closed and he has nothing for me but tap water. I was desperet. But nothing... He told me I should`ve woken up earlier. I wanted to kill him!!!
After a wile the train arrived in Edman WA (or somewhere like that) and they told me I had to wait for the bus there because the train was late and the bus could not wait for me in Seattle.
So first thing a eat a big terrible sandwish at trainstation deli.